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RE: TIGI Bed Head Superstar thick massive hair. Is there any chance of receiving this as a sample? I have tried every volumizing product there is and nothing seems to help. I hate to spend $15.00 on something if it doesnt work. Or perhaps a smaller cheaper bottle to purchase?

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Thank you for writing to So many times we work with manufacturers and the question always gets asked, ” How about sample sizes to give to our clients?” We always get the same answers, “They don’t currently carry any. Although this is not the case with “every” company, we always tell their rep’s to mention how much better their products would sell if we could get a small sample to give for them to try.

With TIGI, and especially their volumizing products, they really have a great edge over many other haircare companies as their products really deliver results. In the case of thickening your hair, Superstar is a great liquid (quite watery) form of a their thickening lotion or be sure to try “Queen for a day” – it does the same thing but is more controllable being in a spray form. You can even use both products together. You can find both of these products directly at the following links:

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Thick Massive Hair

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray