Compare and Contrast Hairsprays

You Asked:

I currently use Matrix Essentials Freeze Spray but it is discontinued. I am looking for a replacement; can you suggest something similar?

We Answered:

When trying to find a similar product to something that is discontinued, I find it easiest to start with comparing two products for similarities including hold, type, and price. After comparing I look at the differences to see which of my choices sounds the most like what I am looking for. In this instance Matrix Vavoom Freezing Spray is a good alternative to Matrix Essentials Freeze Spray. Matrix Vavoom products are made to lock in volume as well as shine while giving hair a little texture. Another suggestion is Aquage Freezing Spray this has extra firm hold and a humidity blocker. Both products would be an excellent replacement. For further help you may also read Not All Hairspray’s are Created Equal.

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