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This week in the spotlight is DevaCurl. Devacurl is one of our best selling products for curly hair, but the wonderful thing is, you don’t have to have curly hair to use these fantastic products! If you haven’t heard of DevaCurl by DevaConcepts, then you’re in for a treat! If you’ve used DevaCurl before, then maybe we can answer some questions for you. For those of you who haven’t heard of this product, we’d like to tell you all about them.

star We’re always getting asked what the difference between DevaCurl No-Poo and DevaCurl Low-Poo is…

So let us tell you…

The difference is DevaCurl No-Poo is no lather whatsoever. You may think that without the lather, what’s the use? Well this shampoo conditions your dry hair and scalp all while cleaning. DevaCurl Low-Poo, on the other hand, gives you only a little lather to work with, but gets the job done just as well. If you have a normal to oily scalp, we’d recommend you use DevaCurl Low-Poo.

star Did you know that residue from other products sometimes makes your hair feel oily when it’s really not?

star How often?

If you’ve never used the DevaCurl No-Poo before, you should treat it as you would if you were using your everyday shampoo. Once your hair has the moisture it’s been craving, you can continue washing your hair with DevaCurl No-Poo whenever you’d like. To achieve and maintain your hair’s moisture, you should wet and condition your hair on a daily basis. We’d like to recommend that you use DevaCurl No-Poo at least once a week.

star A common question we get is what’s the difference between DevaCurl, DevaColor, and DevaCare?

DevaCurl is great for all hair types.
DevaColor is a color depositing shampoo for natural color treated and chemically treated hair.
DevaCare is enhanced with even more botanicals vitamin c and orange peel wax for use on over processed and chemically treated hair.
All Deva product lines are sulfate-free and are botanically infused.

star Are you concerned that DevaColor may alter your existing color?

Mixing things up is never a bad thing, and in this case you’d be better off alternating DevaColor with DevaCurl or DevaCare, so that your existing hair color will remain the same. If you do decide to use DevaColor on a regular basis, you’ll experience a slight change in your hair color/tone.

star Do you ever wonder why your hair feels different after having just washed your hair with DevaCurl products?

Do not confuse the way your hair feels after being washed with detergent based shampoos. In reality those detergents deprive your hair and scalp of needed moisture and oils. When you use Deva Products your head and hair probably will feel different when it is left healthy and hydrated. Those shampoos strip your hair of moisture it needs, that’s why the Deva product line gives you another option. DevaConcepts products clean and condition your hair by using naturally derived ingredients to leave your scalp and hair with all the moisture it needs.

star Leaving DevaCurl One Condition set in your hair: Is it okay?

The answer is yes. But you may want to consider using the DevaCurl B’Leave-In moisture along with it. By not rinsing out the DevaCurl One Condition completely, your curls can get weighed down when you’re using DevaCurl One Condition with the DevaCurl B’Leave-In.

star Some people think that you should detangle your hair in the shower with a comb.

If you’re one of these people, stop using the comb and simply run your fingers through your hair. By using your fingers, you’re saving your hair from breakage that the comb can cause.

star We’ve been asked what the difference between DevaCurl’s One Condition and DevaCurl’s B’Leave-In is…

DevaCurl One Condition is a creamy, rich conditioner loaded with natural ingredients that help to moisturize your hair from the inside out. Whereas DevaCurl B’Leave-In is an additional shot of moisture designed to be left in the hair. DevaCurl B’Leave-In is a supplement to give your hair moisture, vitality and brilliance.

star Maybe you’re wondering why the DevaCurl B’Leave-In is clear…

By using styling products that are clear, you’re giving you hair the chance to shine more. Hair, and curly hair especially, don’t reflect light as well as you’d want it to.

star Not sure how to use DevaCurl B’Leave-In?

To use DevaCurl B’Leave-In, make sure you’ve washed the DevaCurl One Condition out completely, then evenly apply DevaCurl B’Leave-In to the hair.

star For tight/dehydrated curls: distribute evenly by applying the DevaCurl B’Leave-In in both hands, then to encourage your hair to curl, scrunch your hair upward. If a looser curl is what you desire, simply apply DevaCurl B’Leave-In by gliding your fingers in a downward moition to straighten out your curls.
star For hair that’s wavy: start by applying DevaCurl B’Leave-In in both hands, then scrunch your hair upward to distribute the product throughout your hair evenly.
star For straight hair: Before you blow-dry, apply DevaCurl B’Leave-In by gliding your fingers in a downward motion.

star What is the best way to dry your hair?

By using a T-shirt or paper towel. Because towels are too heavy and absorbent for something as fragile as your hair, you’d be better off using a paper towel or a T-shirt. Towels are the cause of friction and unwanted knots in your hair. A T-shirt or a paper towel provides a soft, smooth surface, absorbing just enough water to allow the styling products to set the curls and hold them.

star How does DevaCurl Angell work?

DevaCurl Angell is a gel that defines and moisturizes while holding your hair style in place. This gel crystalizes your curls until they dry, protecting them from outside forces such as wind, which causes frizz and friction.

star Using DevaCare Arc Angell will give your curls extra hold.

star We’re often asked if DevaCurl Angell will make your hair hard…

Of course, but it’s not the yucky, stiffness that people try to avoid. When used properly, DevaCurl Angell should harden your hair to a cast-like state. As soon as you scrunch the dry, hardened curls, the hardness disappears leaving you with soft, beautiful, bouncy curls. If you want more volume, just keep scrunching. The more you scrunch, the more volume and curl you will have. If you choose not to scrunch all that much, you’ll find you have more defined curls and less volume.

star Just remember, don’t touch your hair before it’s hard, or you’ll be defeating the purpose of the product!

star What’s the right way to set your curls?

Setting your curls correctly is a simple process, start out by getting rid of all the extra water from your hair by scrunching your hair gently. Follow up with DevaCurl B’Leave-In, DevaCurl Angell and/or DevaCurl Set it Free.

Using DevaCurl Angell is a vital step for your hair’s style and curl because it provides the moisture and definintion you’re aiming for, all while protecting your curls. You should try to use the product in an amount that is consistant with your hair length, thickness, and dryness. Evenly rub DevaCurl Angell in both hands, tilt head forward and scrunch your hair toward the scalp. Allow your curls to dry naturally or you can dry them by using a diffuser and blow-dryer.

star For straight hair, apply DevaCurl Angell to the midlength and ends of your hair before blow-drying. This will result in a smooth finish.

star Are you wondering what what DevaCurl Set It Free is?

DevaCurl Set It Free is a moisture lock mist. This frizz control, moisture delivering, body and curl definer can be used on wet or dry hair.

star Straight hair: mist DevaCurl Set It Free on wet scalp and ends before blow-drying, resulting in extra volume.
star Fine hair: don’t use DevaCurl Set It Free too much in one day. The ingredients in this product will weigh your hair down.

star Curious about DevaCurl Mist-er Right?

DevaCurl Mist-er Right is a curl refresher that will revitalize your tired, limp curls. Easy to use, simply tilt your head from side to side while spraying your hair. Scrunch gently. DevaCurl Mist-er Right is gentle enough to use daily and it won’t leave your curls hard or stiff.

star Do you want more lift for your roots?

By using hair clips close to the scalp after DevaCurl Angell is applied, you can achieve lift and volume. Once your hair is dry, remove the clips and shake your curls from the scalp with your fingers.

We hope that this information will help you in choosing your Deva hair products. If you need anymore assitance, feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-458-4441. Have a great week!

Until next time,
Cassie at Stuff4Beauty

14 thoughts on “DevaCurl Help and Information”

  1. I LOVE the Deva Curl line. I received my initial supply from the beautician that did my hair. She gave me the Angell, Low-Poo and the Conditioner. When I went on your site, I ordered more plus the Mister Right…I love it! I have naturally curly hair, only the regular shampoo’s were weighing my curls down. With this product line, my curls have come back and look better than ever! I highly recommend this product line, and this distributor. The prices can’t be beat!

  2. I purchase the Deva Curl starter kit complete with DVD on the way home from work yesterday. I used the products this morning and I love them.

    I live in New York City Area and I would love to find a salon that uses your products and has the expertise to shape curly hair properly. My last hair cut they used a razor and I will never let anyone do that again.

  3. Hi,

    Can I purchase this? I live in London England and also is this good for natural afro hair? My hair is slightly longer than the average short and takes a curl well with a conditioner and wax that I use.


  4. How do you use Deva Curl clips? My daughter bought them for me but no instructions. I ususally use a aligator clips at the crown for lift. I’ve been using Deva products for 4 or 5 years and don’t use anything else.

  5. Deva Curl is a true God send for anyone with curly over very wavy hair. My stylist told me to only was once a week with No Poo (I have thick hair) and just condition the other days. Some days I can wake and almost not restyle my hair–or at least not hide it under a hat!

    My question is–can I use the Chocolate Deva products on naturally (untreated) brown hair??

  6. Hello Karen,

    That’s a really good question! DevaBrown, DevaBlonde and DevaRed are all color depositing shampoos. You do not have to have color-treated hair for these shampoos to be effective. A color-depositing shampoo will help bring out the vibrancy of your hair color, but it will not overall change the color of your hair.

    I hope this helps!


  7. After fighting my curly hair, I decided to do the healthy thing and embrace my curls. I was introduced to the DevaCurl products and now I am in love with my curls! They are well defined and shiny! I love my curly hair!!!!

  8. Will the DevaBrown help conceal the gray hair at my temples? I have not used any hair color and wonder if DevaBrown is a good place to start. Thank you. — Sandy

  9. Hi there! DevaBrown is discontinued. I don’t think it would ‘cover’ gray anyway. DevaBrown was made to enhance hair color and make it last longer between appointments. Best thing to do would be see your sylist and ask him/her to just cover the gray’s. Hope this helps!

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