Intensify: Making Thin Go Further!

Volumizing Thin Hair
Everyone wants to have thick, luscious, beautiful hair. Unfortunately for most of us, there are things preventing us from having that radiant, voluptuous hair we dream of.

We all have days where our hair just doesn’t seem to work the way we want. However, wouldn’t it be great to add volume to your hair and have it look the way you want it to look? As unrealistic as it sounds, it is possible. But, before you can volumize your hair to emphasis what look you want, you need to understand what can be causing your hair to be thin in the first place.

What Causes Thin Hair?

Lack of a Balanced Diet

Sound surprising? Many people forget the importance of protein and vitamins to their hair. When you are deficient in providing your hair with necessary nutrients, it can cause the hair to thin. Eating a balanced diet can be extremely helpful. A diet with protein, fatty acids (which can be found in fish) are also important. Also, keeping yourself hydrated is important. When you do not eat correctly, and do not provide yourself with the proper hydration, it can be damaging to the health of your hair.

The Wrong Shampoo/Conditioner

The cheaper products available at your local drug store just aren’t enough for some people. They can lack the essential things your hair needs to look better. That is why it is so crucial to use the right shampoo/conditioner. If you don’t, it can cause your hair to be thin.

Medical Condition

Nonetheless, there are people with certain medical conditions that can cause their hair to thin. Medical conditions, such as thyroid problems or those experiencing chemotherapy can cause hair to have less volume and appear thin. When combined with one (or more) of the listed causes above, this can result in thin hair.

Overusing/Incorrectly Using a Blow-dryer

Blow-drying your hair works great in a pinch, but can be damaging if done excessively. Blow-drying your hair can cause frizz, dry scalp, and even split ends. While blow-drying can be a useful tool, there are also products that can help give your hair the body wave, and volume you desire.

How to Add Volume to Thin Hair

Now that you understand the causes, let us discuss ways that you can give your hair that volumized look, and feel that you desire.

Use Good Shampoo/Conditioner A shampoo/conditioner may work better for one person than it does for another. That’s because shampoos are made with specific hair types in mind. There are certain products that are specifically made for thinning hair! For instance, if you have color treated hair the Pureology Volumizing Shampoo and conditioner could be very beneficial to your hair. Perhaps you’re worried that your shampoo/conditioner won’t be helpful to your specific hair type. Well, Sebastian offers a great volumizing shampoo and conditioner for any hair type!

Eat Well Skipping meals and grabbing fast food to eat all the time can cause your hair to become deficient in vitamins and protein. This can, in turn, cause your hair to lose volume. If you want to boost your hair’s volume, a good way of doing so is to simply eat well-balanced foods. If you have problems getting enough vitamins/protein in your diet, consider a vitamin supplement from a local drug store. If vitamin supplements aren’t your thing, Tigi Bed Head offers a great product that will help infuse vitamins back to your hair, while also providing the body and shine that you desire. Maintaining a healthy diet will help your hair look and feel much better.

Treat Medical Conditions If it is shown that a medical condition is the reason for your hair becoming thin, there are safe products that can be used to help volumize your hair. Nioxin offers a great system line to help rejuvenate your hair to its healthy, natural volume. System 1 is for the early stages of thinning hair, however it is not for chemically treated hair. System 6 is for the advanced stages of naturally, thinning medium/coarse hair. System 3, is for chemically treated hair that is beginning to thin. If a system isn’t what you’re looking for, Nioxin also offers a leave-in scalp treatment called Nioxin Follicle Booster that is for any type of hair, chemically treated or not. If you need more information about Nioxin, visit our website or the Nioxin Manufacturer Site.

Naturally Dry Your Hair Don’t grab the blow-dryer if you have the time to dry your hair appropriately. As was said before, excessive blow-drying can cause hair to become dry and thin, so if you reduce the number of times per week that you blow-dry your hair, it can help you to add volume to your hair. If you need that extra boost of volume when you don’t blow-dry your hair, Kenra Thickening Spray may be what you need. Combined with Kenra’s Platinum Color Lock Shampoo for Fine/Thin hair, (specifically for chemically treated hair) you can protect your color investment, while intensifying the volume of your hair.

A New Hairstyle Changing your hairstyle can add a lot of volume to your hair. This is because certain hairstyles are best suited for certain types of hair. The key is to find the hairstyle that adds the right amount of volume to your hair. To do this, you may need to take a look at styling products to help get the look that you’re after. Sebastian Body Double Thick-Finish Volumizing Hair Spray for instance, is a great medium hold finishing spray that will go the extra distance in adding the volume necessary for your new style! If a spray isn’t what you’re looking for, Rusk’s Thick Body and Texture Amplifier may be more-so up your alley. This amplifier offers texture and volume to give your hair the extra body it needs.

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