Nioxin Hair Products

Nioxin has changed their hair products packaging on some of their products. We are working diligently to update these changes for you. You will see a slight difference in some Nioxin products in the upcoming months as Nioxin has developed new products and treatments.
System 1 is still the Bionutrient Active Cleaners and Scalp Therapy for fine hair and early stages of hair thinning. For natural hair, meaning no color or perm.
System 2 is for fine hair, natural hair noticeable stages of thinning.
System 3 is for early stages of thinning and for treated hair, colored or permed.
System 4 is for fine hair noticeable thinning of hair loss.
System 5 is for medium to course hair early stages of hair loss, natural hair.
System 6 is for medium to course hair. for early stages of thinning. Color treated hair or permed.
System 7 is for medium to course hair. For noticeable thinning of hair loss.
System 8 is for medium to course hair advance or noticeable thinning hair loss.

Remember that all the styling aids have remained the same.

Treatments are recommended with all systems. Treatment products include Scalp Therapy Treatment, Cytonutrient Treatment, Recharging complex and Follicle Booster.

We will be shipping out all the old packaging until it is sold out and new packaging will be shipped without notice. New packaging is already being shipped from most all of our locations across the USA.

For more information on hair loss visit our Hair Loss FAQ page.