Product Replacement?

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I have been ordering Wella Liquid Hair Crystal Styler for a few yrs now on Ebay and been getting a pretty good deal. Well I just looked on there and its been discontinued and as you can imagine the prices are outrageous and people are taking advantage of that fact. I cannot afford those prices and besides once they are gone I will be back in the same boat I am in now having to find something new. I cannot believe they are going to stop making such a fantastic product! My hope is that they are not making it anymore because they have come up with something even better and that you are carrying now carrying it! Please let me know what you may have now that can equal it. Thank you!



We Answered:

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your email – so far, no exact replacement for the crystal styler.
Feel free to call us toll free 1-866-458-4441 between the hours of 11am and 11pm central time and one of our salon product specialists would be happy to help you find a similar product based on your needs.