Prolong Root Touchups

These days it is very rare to find someone who has never colored their hair. Colored hair is extremely popular but it involves alot of maintance. You need to go get touchups every 6-8 weeks in order to avoid the dreaded two-toned look. There are a few tricks to prolonging the touchups such as:

*use color enhancing/extending hair products
*wash your hair every other day instead of everyday
*avoid overprocessing your hair

Iso Color Preserve Protecting Serum is a perfect product to help the life of your hair color. This serum seals and extends the life of your color. As an added plus it smooths split ends and prevents frizz.

You’ll know when it is time to go see your beautician if you pull your hair half up and you see a stripe of your original color showing on your roots.

Have a Colorful Wednesday!


Tip of the Day!!!
To help set your hairstyle take a blow dryer to your hair on the cool setting after spraying with finishing spray.