Sebastian Cellophanes Help!


Sebastian Cellophanes Help!



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I am considering buying one of two products, either Sebastian Colourshine Cellophanes or Sebastian Professional Cellophanes. What exactly are they? Are they hair dyes, or glosses, or what? How do you use them? I am a brunette and am trying to choose a shade. Is gleaming gold only for blondes? What about crystal? Is there mixing involved or does it just come from one bottle? Do you put it on dry or wet hair? ….Any info appreciated!

We Responded:

There’s a story behind the Sebastian Cellophanes. Sebastian Cellophanes are made with conditioning, color and shine in mind for each individual. Sebastian Cellophanes have botanical proteins that actually infuse into your hair with heat. Cellophanes seal in color and strength for your hair.

Both the former and the newer packaging Cellophanes are peroxide, alcohol and ammonia free, which is unique to the hair color industry!

Here at Stuff4Beauty we haven’t heard a lot of feedback from people who used the former packaging and switched to the new. I have been told, however, that the new Sebastian Professional Cellophanes work excellently.

I would not recommend using the Sebastian Colourshines Cellophanes as it is a discontinued item. I would hate to recommend a product that is no longer manufactured to a customer looking for a long-term solution for their hair.

I would, however recommend the new packaging Sebastian Professional Cellophanes. While it is recommended that you use a color close to your current hair color, it is not necessary. By using a shade that is close to your current hair color, you will find the shine and vibrancy of the hair color is a lot more noticeable. The Sebastian Professional Cellophanes Clear does not change your hair color at all. Instead it acts as a pure shine agent and helps make your current hair color more vibrant. There is no mixing involved, only a tube of product. Please keep in mind though that with all Cellophanes the color and shine will only last 4-6 weeks. Most hair stylists will recommend you use Cellophanes once every 3 weeks, or to your own discretion. Sebastian Cellophanes are a temporary color enhancement and glossifier.


Here is a link to the new packaging Sebastian Professional Cellophanes: Sebastian Professional Cellophanes



Here is a link to the former packaging, discontinued Sebastian Colourshine Cellophanes: Sebastian Colourshine Cellophanes


With either the new packaging or the former packaging, you will want to use the same process. The amount that you use is up to you however I would recommend smaller amounts. You can always put more in, but you can’t take it out! You will want to use the Cellophanes on wet hair and leave it on about 20 minutes. Make sure when the 20 minutes are up, you wash all of the product completely out of your hair.

I hope this helps!


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