Sebastian Penetraitt

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Can you use Sebastian Penetraitt treatment after a relaxer or color is applied? A stylist told me that it cannot be used the same day of a relaxer or color because it contains protein and this will reverse the effect of the relaxer and make the hair curly again and will weaken the color. Is this true? Please advise.

We Answered:

You cannot simply use a protein after a color service or chemical relaxer because first of all- the proteins penetrate into the cortex most efficiently with heat and after a color service – heat is not a good idea because the fresh color can being to lift off and using it after a relaxer, the hair is still bonding up to 48 hours after the relaxer service- if you were to put the Penetraitt on and under the
dryer – you are chancing having the relaxer revert back to its natural curl. Always wait at 4-7 days from a chemical service to allow the cuticle to close down before reopening it with a protein 🙂

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