Hair DeTox? Ways to Clarify, Remove Product Build up in your Hair

If you are feeling like your normal hair products are not working the same for you, it may be time to remove the build up that has accumulated in your hair.

There are many products out there on the market today that claim they can do the job of removing build up. I looked around and even saw some natural ways to clarify! I feel some are definitely better than others. You know how the old saying goes – You only get what you pay for! I know in some cases this is very true. I have found that sometimes in attempts to save money, I end up spending more money than I intended. Here’s what happens to me…… I buy the cheaper products and find they do not work as well. I have had to either toss them, give them away or as I saw this morning before I came to work, they are still in my cabinet – ugh! I do need to clean it out soon. I have caught myself doing this over and over again. Someday maybe I will learn to just get the good stuff and save money!

Stuff4Beauty is excited about a new Fudge Hair Product

Fudge Detox

Fudge Detox Deep Cleanser

Not only does this product efficiently strips the hair of unwanted product build up, it smells awesome and a bonus feature…………….. it hydrates too! The last clarifying shampoo I tested, smelled like some kind of pesticide and made my fine hair feel like straw!

Fudge DeTox left my hair squeaky clean! It has taken front place in my cabinet 🙂

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