Finding that Wow in yourself

Getting to know yourself:

Over the years hair styles would come and go. Often times many people would rush to their hairstylist to get the most up to date hair style. After you begin to let it really sink in that you have cut your hair in a style that looked so great on the model that advertised the hairstyle, but something was not so right with you. The question you ask yourself is, “What am I doing wrong with this hairstyle?”Maybe it was not the way you were doing your hair rather it just might be it was not cut right.

Time to get to know “You”

Some of you might have heard the talk about being warm, cool or neutral, yet others may not understand at all. Let me explain just a little about what it is I am speaking about. If you have ever been shopping with someone that tries on the same dress that you try on but it appears completely different on each of you. Â Each of you normally were the same size clothes so it should not matter as long as it fits, but you can see with your very own eyes that it does matter.


Each individual fits into a category of warm, cool or neutral. This means that if you wear the clothes that happen to be in your color chart it will make you look great and many will say Wow, What happened to you. Once you find the tone that you fit into on the chart than you have the majority of the battle won. Just like with color and style of your hair. You have your very own facial shape and tone. Once you find your very own category you will be ready to snip, chop, color, perm, fluff, etc…and walk out on the town knowing that as you pass by eyes will follow. You will be the WOW!

Keeping the Wow appearance

Now that you understand that you can make yourself look great, it is time to move forward. Find out what category you are and your facial shape. Then finally make that appointment to get the most important part of you ready to face the world. Make sure to find out what the stylist recommends for you to keep your Wow Popping Daily.