Tigi, Can you answer this?

A comment from a customer with blonde hair:

I have a problem with the naming of one of your products, the Bed Head Dumb Blonde shampoo. Being a blonde myself I find this really discriminating! The name of this product lowers all blondes intellectual reputation and I find it offensive. I am smart and I get irratated when someone refers to me as a dumb blonde like your product is doing. Yes, blondes can have some ditsy moments but so can every other person in this world (non blondes included). I feel that it isn’t our (meaning all blonde people) fault that people have given us this name and I think that your company putting a product out calling all blondes dumb is insulting and wrong! I hope you will consider the problems your company has caused to all the blondes offended by your product!

One thought on “Tigi, Can you answer this?”

  1. Blondes have aquired this nickname for themselves for two reasons. One, that the majority of obviously stupid people happen to be blondes. Two, that many blondes attempt to act even more stupid in order to perpetuate their reputations as dumb blondes. As for you in particular, your comment is full of blatant spelling and grammar errors. I suggest that the next time you wish to present yourself as an intelligent blonde, you consult both a dictionary and writing handbook. Perhaps the reason that you feel offended by the nickname “dumb blonde” is because you are, in fact, a dumb blonde.

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