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We were asked:

I have used “conditioners” but they all seem make my hair feel weighed down. Is there any solution?

Stuff4Beauty Answered:

Yes, we can help! First let us try to address the problem. Some reasons why your hair may feel weighed down are:

star Do you use the conditioner daily? Try to cut back on how often you use the conditioner.

star The molecular weight of the product may be too high. High molecular weighted products can coat your hair and may cause over protection.

star You may not be using the right type of “conditioner” for your hair.

Conditioners generally fall into 4 categories:

Reconstructors – are higher in protein which penetrates into the cortex of the hair. They help improve moisture as well as elasticity of the hair.

Rinses and Acidifiers – Acidifiers bring the hair back down to its natural PH

Moisturizers – balance the moisture content in the cortex of the hair

Thermal protectors – prevent heat damage before it starts

star How much conditioner do you pour to use? You may be using too much of the product.

Generally, polymeric products have high molecular weights. Look for products which contain hydrolized human hair keratin protein. Products with hydrolized human keratin protein generally are best because the products generally have low molecular weights. This provides for a superior product that does not weigh the hair down.

When using a conditioner try using a cooler rinse to seal the moisture and protein into the hair and add a lot more shine and body into the hair.

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