WARNING! Don’t Use Heat Styling Tools?

………………NOT without proper hair protection!

It is so important for the health of your hair to use protection before grabbing your favorite heat styling tool.

Redken make this easy for us to do with their brand new line of heat styling protection products.

Some of these products may sound familiar to you as you will find the original formula and packaging now in the discontinued section of our website.

There are 6 new Redken products to choose from. I was so impressed, I got all six! I will let you know my opinion on all.

Satinwear Redken Satinwear – My hair was so easy to blow dry, my brush slipped right through and my hair felt silky soft!
Iron Silk Redken Iron Silk – I got unbelievable shine when I used this with my flat iron
Hot Sets Redken Hot Sets – You can feel protected when blow drying your hair, and also get staying power!
Spray Starch Redken Spray Starch – Awesome hold when used with the crimper, and my hair was static-free!
Blown Away Redken Blown Away – My hair was frizz-free all day when I used this while blow drying. This replaces Redken Clean Lift and I accept it!
Fabricate Redken Fabricate – If you are looking for texture and shine when using the flat iron, this product is for you!

Redken continues to supply us with quality products at affordable prices. We love Redken!

Hope everyone is off to a good start for this new year!



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