Taming Curls!

We Were Asked:

I have thick, coarse, curly, frizzy hair. It has been permed and color treated. I need help!

We Answered:

Any time you add a chemical to your hair, you can almost bet that some damage will arise from it. When perming, there are a number of things that can go wrong. Perming and coloring your hair can often suck the moisture out of it. But there are products you can use that will liven your hair with moisture, reducing the frizz. There are also products you can use that will better identify your curls, rather than having them be coarse, and look matted together.

By first using a moisture enriching product, such as the Aquage Smoothing Shampoo, you can re-hydrate and tame curly/frizzy hair without damaging the color. To condition your hair, Aquage offers a Color Protecting Conditioner. This product protects color treated hair, while also replenishing moisture to dry hair. Aqage Curl Defining Creme will help to define your curls, while also eliminating frizz. This product is a light-weight styling creme that is ideal for coarse, curly hair. All three of these products are also safe for color-treated hair!


Hope this helps!
The Staff at Stuff4beauty.com