Adding Volume with Pureology!

We Were Asked: My hair is long, thin-fine, wavy with some curl. Hair tends to be dry & frizzy. I’d like hair care products that will give my hair volume, body, thickness, and shine

We Answered: Sounds like you could use some help, which is exactly what we’re here for! I’ve gathered some basic ideas for shampooing, moisturizing, and styling your hair. Something to keep in mind is that when your hair is dry and frizzy, it’s a good sign that your hair isn’t hydrated enough. Finding a good moisturizer/conditioner can be a great help in restoring your hair.

After doing some reading, I’ve decided to recommend to you Pureology’s Volumizing Conditioner and Volumizing Shampoo!
While Pureology products can be a bit pricey, but customers rave about the great way that Pureology products affect their hair. Pureology’s Volume Shampoo is excellent for naturally boosting hairs’ body and volume. Pureology’s Volume Shampoo works to moisturize and improve longer lasting color for color-treated hair.

Pureology’s Volumizing Shampoo
If you need more moisture for your hair, I’d suggest the Pureology Volume Conditioner. This conditioner is the second half to Pureology’s Volume Shampoo. The aim of this conditioner is to defend your hair color, while moisturizing and detangling your hair. I know when having longer hair it’s nice to have a moisturizer that will work to benefit your hair. Having a conditioner that helps to detangle is a great positive feature of this product. As another great positive, Pureology’s Volumizing Conditioner is lightweight, and will contribute to giving your hair fullness and a healthy glow.

Pureology’s Volumizing Conditioner
If you need help on styling, I would recommend the Pureology styling products. Depending upon how you style your hair, Pureology offers many great ways to manage your styling needs, while also protecting the color of your hair!

Pureology Styling Aids
For more information on volumizing thin hair, please read: Intensify! Making Thin Go Further!
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