New from Pureology!

Pureology has released it’s new product, Pureology Nano Works Luxury Hair Masque! The Nano Works Hair Masque will work to revive and restore your hair with the ultimate of anti-aging treatments. These anti-aging treatments work to liven, soothe, and strengthen your hair. This product provides you with thermal protection, as well as protection for color-treated hair.

Question: Who is the Pureology Nano Works Luxury Hair Masque for, you ask?

Answer: Pureology aims this product towards hair that is color-treated and in need of strengthening, shine, color retention, and repair.

Question: Do you know what the powerful ingredient of this Pureology product is?

Answer: Pureology Nano Works Luxury Hair Masque has an antioxidant fruit synthesis of pomegranate, blueberry, and acai berry to deeply penetrate and repair where your hair needs it most.

Take care, of your hair!