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We Were Asked:

I just received my order for Sebastian Penetraitt and it is different than the product that I had ordered previously. I ordered it originally and had received the Sebastian Penetraitt 16.9 oz. in the white bottle, the professional treatment that I did want. However, this time I ordered it and I received the new formula/pump kind that you leave on for 3 – 5 minutes. I wanted the original formula in the white bottle. Do you have any of the original Sebastian Penetraitt 16.9 oz. in the white bottle for sale?

We Answered:

We have two different sections on our website to order from. While we do specialize in discontinued hair care products, we sell current hair care products as well. On our site you will find a discontinued hair products section (where you ordered first). Our discontinued section carries all discontinued products if they are available.

The most recent order you placed was from the current products section. You ordered the new Sebastian Penetraitt, which is the most current, repackaged version. The new Sebastian Penetraitt formula comes in the 5.1 oz. and the 16.9 oz. bottle. Sebastian discontinued the Sebastian Penetraitt that you had originally purchased. Then, Sebastian re-packaged that product. Therefor, the original packaging is now a discontinued hair care item.

The original Sebastian Penetraitt comes in the 16.9 oz bottle, which we have. This product is available in our discontinued section of our website.

Please keep in mind in the future that offers both discontinued hair care products and current hair care products.

They Responded:

Thank you!

I found it after I sent the e-mail! Thank you so much for checking- I will order it from the discontinued portion of the site. I also see that you now have the colourshines in clear so I will order that as well.

Thank you again!

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