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Is there not going to be any more Nolita Hair Spray? That has been the best hairspray I have ever had and I ordered six (I think) a while ago. I still have two more. I originally got the hair spray somewhere in Montgomery then I had to order it online. If there will not be anymore of the Nolita Hair Spray, what kind would you suggest that I try next?

We Answered:

I have heard great things about Nolita Hair Spray, and it’s a shame that Graham Webb opted to discontinue that product. I have done some research and found an assortment of hair sprays to look into. However, if I knew more details about your hair I may be able to give you a few choices that are more specific for your hair type. Is your hair color-treated, permed, or damaged? Is your hair short, long, or medium-length? What about the hair itself; is it thick or thin? Typically, how do you style your hair each day? These are all things that can help us narrow down these choices to find a product suited for your hair type.

If you have color-treated hair, there are hair sprays manufactured for that purpose. Wella manufacturers a hair spray entitled: Wella Color Preserve Long Lasting Hairspray. This comes in a 10.2 oz. bottle and is safe for color-treated hair. This is a great hair spray for a long-lasting, all day hold, without a greasy residue. This product also protects your hair from the color fading and locks in a glossy shine.

Wella Color Preserve Long Lasting Hairspray
Artec makes a great product called Artec Texureline Spray. This is a brush-through, weightless formula for styling. It’s a great product to use when blow drying your hair, and is safe for color treated, permed, relaxed, and natural hair. We have many customers that use the textureline spray and like it. This product also contains essential oils, pure plant and flower extracts, and sun protectors for your hair. There are no ozone depleting chemicals in this product either!

Artec Textureline Spray
Aquage has a product named Aquage Finishing Spray. This product is a fast drying, firm holding hair spray that delivers lasting style retention. Brushing through your hair with this product is easy, and a fine mist provides the humidity resistance you need. Maximum shine shows when using this product! This product is also safe for hair that is color-treated.

Aquage Finishing Spray
If your hair is not color-treated, here are a few more options you should consider.

Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray is another hair spray that is currently on the market. If you’re needing to add volume to your hair, this may be just what you’re looking for. This product offers maximum volume, hold, and control. This product has a delicate mist, allowing you to shape your hair with ease. Overall this product has a medium hold.

Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray
Paul Mitchell has a volume spray that also adds volume to your hair. Paul Mitchell’s Volumizing Spray is a root lifter, which adds maximum lift to blow-dried styles. This is a highly concentrated formula with panthenol. Panthenol is an ingredient that adds volume to your hair. A blend of naturally derived heat activated resins add extra volume to blow dried styles.

Paul Mitchell Volumizing Spray
The last product I will recommend to you is the Kenra Volume Spray 25 Aerosol. This is a great product, with fantastic reviews. In fact, Kenra’s Volume Spray 25 Aerosol was the winner of Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Awards in 2006. This is a super hold finishing spray for ultimate volume and control. This product provides a super, all-day hold, and contains a fast drying formula. Also, with this product is great humidity resistance and a natural looking shine.

Kenra Volume Spray 25 Aerosol
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