Healthiness: Is It Possible?

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I have been experiencing unexplained hair loss and thinning for nearly the past year. My hair had always been healthy, even after 12 years of double processing. I was recently diagnosed with an immunological disease similar to lupus, and I am now being treated for it. In the meantime, most of my hair, especially the ends (it’s shoulderlength)is dead, limp, and brittle.

In summation, I am using all sulfate-free shampoos and intensive conditioner. I have cut off a few inches, and wear clip-in extensions rather than style-damage it. Do you know of any restoring treatment on the market which could actually enliven and put healthiness back into my hair? Many promise, but who is trustworthy in your professional opinion?

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At Stuff4Beauty a lot of customers rave about the Nioxin products. There are also a vast amount of doctors that put their endorsement on them. Nioxin has a line of system products, 1-8. The best way to explain how this system works, is to just lay it out.

Nioxin Product Line: Nioxin

System 1: For Fine, Natural, Normal to
Thin-Looking Hair

System 2: For Fine, Natural, Noticeably
Thinning Hair

System 3: For Fine, Chemically Enhanced,
Normal to Thin-Looking Hair

System 4: For Fine, Chemically Enhanced,
Noticeably Thinning Hair

System 5: For Medium/Coarse, Natural,
Normal to Thin-Looking Hair

System 6: For Medium/Coarse,
Natural, Noticeably Thinning Hair

System 7: For Medium/Coarse, Chemically Enhanced,
Normal to Thin-Looking Hair

System 8: For Medium/Coarse, Chemically Enhanced,
Noticeably Thinning Hair

You may see that Nioxin System #4 is in bold. That is the system I would recommend for you. From what I can gather, your hair (at one point) was more-so fine, than coarse and thick.

Nioxin System #4 has a 9-10 people improvement rate, meaning that 9 out of every 10 people who have used it, have had some kind of hair density improvement. While we, at Stuff4Beauty do not give medical advice, we give out opinions. Our opinions are based on what we read, what we have used, and what our customers tell us. The Nioxin System #4 is a three part treatment. There is the Nioxin Cleanser, Nioxin Scalp Therapy, and the Nioxin Scalp Treatment. All three of these parts are vital to the reconstruction of your hair.

Another good product, which we have had many good comments on is the Spectral DNC. This product only has one part, but you do use it twice a day. I would recommend that you speak with your doctor and hair stylist before making any choices. It’s always good to double check with a physician if these products are safe with your condition, and medications you may be on.

In addition, finding a leave-in conditioner would be beneficial to your hair. Nioxin has a reconstructive leave-in conditioner that is called Nioxin Creatives Bliss. This product works to heal the hair cuticle, and over all increase the hairs strength. This product also provides fine hair with thermal and UV light protection.

On a side note, the use of clips is a great idea! If you find a product that will help to restore your hair, using clips is very beneficial. It allows your hair to heal, while still looking nice without adding a bunch of volumizing serums, hair sprays, ex. When your hair is damaged, it’s a lot like a flesh wound. (Sound weird? I know, but it’s so true!) The more you mess with it, the worse it generally gets. If you can use a product to restore your hair, and then leave it be so it can heal/restore, that’s always better than putting additional chemicals on your hair. So clips are definitely useful.

Also, taking a protein supplement may help you. Protein is essentially what your hair is made of, so the more good protein you can get, the more beneficial it will be to your hair.

Here is a link to information on hair loss that is in relation to Nioxin: Hair Loss Information

If you would like a second opinion, or to see what Nioxin has to say for yourself, you can assess your needs on their manufacturer website.

Here is a link to assess your needs: Nioxin Assess Your Needs

Nioxin Manufacturer: Nioxin

DS Laboratories Manufacturer: DS Laboratories

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