Maintaining Relaxed Hair!

Maintaining Relaxed Hair
We Were Asked:

I have thick, curly hair and it is relaxed. I need help on what shampoo/conditioner I should use to keep my hair relaxed. Are there any styling agents I can use that will not harm my relaxed hair?

We Were Answered:

For a shampoo, I would recommend the Pureology SuperStraight Shampoo. This shampoo smoothes and straightens hair. This is a sulfate free, salt free, color-preserving formula. This product helps to abolish frizz, relax curls, and also locks out humidity. While providing softness with remarkable shine, this product also reduces the dry time of your hair! Infused with a special blend of avocado lipids, jojoba esters and shea butter, this shampoo gives hair an ultimately smooth finish.

For a conditioner, I would suggest the Pureology SuperStraight Conditioner. This product will transform unruly tresses and frizz into smooth, softened, detangled and amazingly shiny hair. Lightweight silicone molecules will significantly reduce drying time while also providing your hair with thermal and color protection. This product locks out humidity and leaves hair superbly conditioned and healthy.

I would also recommend that you take a look at the Pureology SuperStraight Relaxing Serum. This is a relaxing serum that will provide you with fast and easy straightening. This product eliminates frizz and provides humidity-resistant thermal and color protection. New multiweight silicones help to smooth hair without alcohol or greasiness. All of this for straight, shiny results!

I wouldn’t suggest a lot of gel/mud for styling your hair. Instead I would suggest a lightweight finishing spray. Biosilk makes a finishing spray called Biosilk Finishing Spray Natural. This is a natural hold finishing spray that is uniquely developed with natural silk botanicals to provide moisture, a natural hold and brilliant shine. Anti-humectants protect hair from humidity, while special sunscreens safeguard hair from UV damage. This is a fast drying, easy to brush spray for maximum manageability.

Here are some tips for chemically relaxed hair:

Stay away from heated styling tools if at all possible, and if you must use them use a thermal protectant spray.

Deeply condition your hair at least once a week.

Use 1 to 2 drops of safflower oil and apply it to your hair. This will help hair attain the proper amount of homectants to attract and retain moisture in your hair.

Placing 1 or 2 drops of safflower oil in your palms and rub them together.

Hopefully this helps!

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