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Matrix Shade Memory Matrix Shade Memory

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Matrix Shade Memory Blondes System Matrix Shade Memory Sparkling Blondes Restorative System specifically formulated to prevent damage to your salon blonde

Matrix Shade Memory Brunettes System Matrix Shade Memory Rich Brunettes Dimensional System specifically formulated to prevent dullness in your salon brunette.

Matrix Shade Memory Reds System Matrix Shade Memory Vivid Reds Balancing System specifically formulated to reduce fading of your salon red.

For best results, start using Shade Memory right after your color service

2 thoughts on “New Matrix Products!”

  1. Do you think this product is a replacement for the Matrix Biolage Earth Tones Color Depositing Conditioner since it is being discontinued?

  2. Matrix Biolage Earth Tones Conditioner was a color depositing conditioner only. Earth Tones was a unique botanical complex that provided intense conditioning and recharged shine while rich pigments inspired by nature refreshed the color.
    Matrix Shade Memory is a whole system designed to nourish, fortify and moisturize. The shampoo, conditioner and weekly treatment do not deposit color. The 2X weekly rinse prevents color from shifting or fading by lightly depositing color. So to directly answer your question, yes, it could be a replacement if you liked earth tones and when used correctly can help you keep your hair color rich if you are brunette, sparkling if you are blonde or vivid if you are red!

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