The Top 10 Reasons Why Manufacturers Discontinue Hair Products We Like

Ever went to the store to purchase your favorite type of shampoo only to find that it has been discontinued? It’s something that is becoming very common.

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People are often frustrated and even angry when manufacturers discontinue hair products. It just doesn’t make sense why a company would discontinue a product that, in the consumer’s view, is selling well and is truly effective. The reasons that manufacturers give, if any, greatly vary. This article will list the 10 top reasons why manufacturers discount hair products that we, the consumers, like.

Reason #1: The Product Isn’t Making Enough Money

Manufacturers ultimately care about one thing: money. If a product doesn’t sell well, they will stop making the product because it isn’t benefiting them.

But how well do they expect it to sell? It depends on the manufacturer and their expectations. Even a product that has decent sales can be discontinued because it simply is not meeting expectations the way the manufacturer expected. This can be a very frustrating thing for a consumer, especially if the product is bought by many people they know. Surely if everyone they know is buying it, the product must be selling well overall. Unfortunately, sales deemed good by the consumer might not be as good in the opinion of the manufacturer.

Reason #2: Manufacturers want to keep up with trends

Another common reason for manufacturers discontinuing hair products we like is because they feel that a certain product is outdated. Thus, they think it is in their best interest to simply eliminate that product. This can and does happen despite solid sales and good consumer interest. It sounds crazy, but it’s a definite fact that manufacturers don’t deny. They will cease making a product that they feel is past its prime.

Reason #3: The product has suffered a recent decline in sales and the manufacturer feels it won’t rebound.

Products that once sold extremely well occasionally suffer periods of dismal sales. This often prompts the manufacturer to simply give up on the product and discontinue it. They do this because they do not feel the product will sell as well as it did before. So they come to the conclusion that it is best for them to stop making the product.

Reason #4: Ingredients needed to make the product are no longer available.

Manufacturers often require special ingredients to make a certain hair product. Once these ingredients cannot be found anymore, mainly because they have simply ceased to exist, the manufacturers are left with no other alternative but to stop making the product. Even if they can find a substitute ingredient, it may not work as well as they need it to, so they may still discontinue the product.

Reason #5: Manufacturers want to add a new product to their line, and in order to do this, they must eliminate another product.

When manufacturers want to create a hot, new product, they may have to get rid of an older product on their line to make room for the new product. It’s a tough choice to make, but sometimes a necessary one, especially if the manufacturer is committed to a new product.

Reason #6: The Government or Some Other Organization Tells the Hair Product Manufacturer to Stop Making the Product

Sometimes the government or another organization will disapprove of a product for one reason or another. Either it doesn’t meet safety standards or isn’t a good product for consumers. Whatever the case is, if the government or an organization of authority demands that the manufacturer discontinue the hair product, the manufacturer has no choice but to stop making the product, even if it sells well and is in demand.

Reason #7: The Hair Product Manufacturer is Sued by Another Company that Claims the Hair Product is Infringing on a Copyright.

Occasionally, manufacturers borrow product ideas from other manufacturers. The manufacturer who has been “ripped off” is usually pretty upset and so they sue or threaten to sue the other manufacturer, demanding that they stop making the offending product. Although this scenario is rare, it does indeed happen and can lead to a good product being discontinued because the manufacturer that is being threatened with a law suit doesn’t want to be sued and would rather give up the product than head to court.

Reason #8: The Manufacturer is Going Bankrupt and Must Discontinue Products.

Unfortunately, many hair product manufacturers go through down periods where they are close to bankruptcy or are already in bankruptcy. When this occurs, they are faced with many decisions, one of which is if they should cancel a product to help cut down on costs. Often, they choose to discontinue a product that isn’t selling great, or costs too much to make. If a manufacturer is in bankruptcy and cancels a product you like, it’s most likely due to their financial hardship.

Reason #9: The Product isn’t in a popular market

Manufacturers often like to branch out by making products in markets that they haven’t tested the water in before. This could be a new market for hair products that is just being introduced to the public. In any event, the market turns out to not be very popular, and so continuing to make the product is a risky investment for the manufacturer. Thus, they decide it is best for them to stop producing the product so that they do not risk anything more. It would be bad business to continue the production of a risky product.

Reason #10: The Product Has Been Boycotted

If there’s one thing that kills hair product manufacturers and makes them want to discontinue a product, it’s a well-staged boycott. While manufacturers will ignore most boycotts, some prove to be so effective that the manufacturer cannot help but take notice. The boycotts occur for many different reasons, but if they are geared toward one specific product by one specific manufacturer, they can lead to the discontinuation of that product. This is yet another one of the reason’s why manufacturers discontinue hair products we like.

As you can see, there are many factors indicating why many manufacturers must choose what is right for themselves financially as well as deciding what is best for the market and the protection of the consumer.

Here at Stuff4Beauty, we are proud to announce that we are the only extensive website that ultimately specializes and caters to maintaining a full selection of many popular but discontinued items at fair market prices!

Stuff4beauty thanks you for your business and for making us your choice in discontinued and current hair care!

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  1. Thank you for contacting!

    We have not had “alot” of requests for Jheri Redding products,
    however we do record all requests and will be in touch with you as soon
    as we are able to obtain the item.

  2. I like Sebastian Mohair shampoo. Do you know why the manufacturer discontinued it?

  3. I, for years, used Perm Fresh – I have alot of allergic reactions, and this one
    I could use. I was able to quit using a prescription shampoo. Whatever the
    ingredients are in this worked well for me. I know one thing that was in my
    favor was the blue color, since I am allergic to red dye 40 and yellow dye 5 &
    6. Also it gave my hair control. Now I am at a loss unless you can come up
    with something comparable to Perm Fresh.

  4. What product do you have that is comparable to the MOONSHINE liquid hair? I want something that works exactly like MOONSHINE did.

  5. I am looking for a thickening agent with a little hold. Someone recommende Styling Infusion Thickening Creme from Graham Webb, but I think discontinued? Also, my stylist used a Chi product but it was in a tube; not a spray. Any ideas?

  6. I am also looking for Jheri Redding Design Spritz, Super Hold which has been discontinued. I’ve used this product for over 20 years and so far have found nothing with such versatility and hold for my long, blond-highlighted baby-fine hair. I appreciate any info!

  7. I am looking for L’Oreal Mermade Hair Conditioner (Treatment). Does anyone know where I may find it? I heard it was discontinued some years ago, but others say it still exists. Please help! Thank you.

  8. I am looking for something to replace Artec Kiwi shine wax…any ideas? I bought 6 containers about a year ago for my friends and , and now they’re gone. I can’t see paying $30.00 for a 2 oz jar. If you could suggest something that is very stiff like this product, I’d really appreciate it

  9. Gayle, I used this product too and I was so angry when they disconntinued it!!! I have found nothing to replace it so far… I will not pay 39.99 for it either….

  10. These Kiwi Shine Wax’s that are available are fresh, and will last a long time when stored properly. There is not a replacement for the product at this time.

  11. The last time I used it was in 2003 and every store i went to says it has been discontinued! I emailed the company they said it hasn’t been discontinued, but i can’t find it. It’s not the Deep Penetrating Conditioner or the Growth Treatment that I’m looking for. This is a white creamy/greasy cream that i use to use. Puts u in the mind of mayonnaise…..

  12. Hi Cassandra, Hopefully someone may be able to help you locate a store that carries it! If we come across it, we will email you.


  13. 20 years ago there was a line of hair products called: FOR LONG HAIR ONLY

    It was fabulous stuff – smelled like green apples (wax smelled like marhmallows). Only thing I didnt like out of the line was the hairspray. I would have bought this by the truckload if I had of known they would be discontinuing it. Anyone know about this stuff?!!!

  14. I, too, would love to find Jherri Redding’s Design Spritz. This product is the only hair care that worked for me and have not found anything comparable to date…*gentle sniff*

  15. I haven’t been able to find Frizz Ease Emergency Hair Treatment, on ebay or any other site so far. I did find the summer survival kit, which contains a very small trial size bottle of the stuff, but i haven’t seen the full-size. I ALSO can’t find Pantene’s heat activated conditioning spray, that stuff was PERFECT for using with my straightening iron. I tried the spray they have out now, but it’s not heat-activated and it just doesn’t leave my hair as soft. I’ve also noticed I’m not seeing any products by Thermsilk on the shelves anymore — what’s up with that? Anyway, any ideas for replacements on the Frizz Ease and Pantene items????

  16. There are so many products being discontinued, I also LOVED the Frizz Ease Emergency Hair Treatment. As of today we do not have any here at Stuff4Beauty. But………..I heard there may be some coming in in the upcoming weeks!

  17. I am looking for matrix essentials sculpting glaze , I think it was discontined but for my fine, thick hair i can fine nothing else. I don’t need all of the stiff stuff. Is there anything that can replace it?

  18. Looking for Jheri Redding Design Spritz. Best product of that label. I would like to purchase a case of it. Can you help?

  19. I was using STAYL CRIST BRILLIANT hair dresser and ULTRESS hair products both are discontinued please help me where i can find or how i can order there are many users of those products

  20. I loved Head Games Hard Ball Hair Jam. Can you tell my why it was discontinued? Are there any similar products out there? Please help. Thanks!

  21. I’m looking for Wella experience Liquid Hair shampoo + conditioner. I use 2 buy this product and it was fab for my hair. Now i cannot find it anywhere. Any idea what has happened to it?
    Pleeeeze help!

  22. Looking for a replacement for Matrix Amplify Spray Gel..any ideas? I see you have 6 in stock but I’m just not willing to pay 29.95 a bottle. There must be something comparable in another product line; my thin and fine hair can’t take the weigh down of many out there. Any suggestions would be soooo appreciated!!

  23. How did you use the spray gel and what did you like about it? we can help you find a like product hopefully!

  24. Can you locate any Tuftrix, a gel that I think was a Matrix product? I loved it for styling my fine hair. Thanks.

  25. I’m also looking for Loreal Mermade deep penetrating conditioner. It was a great product, and if it won’t be revived, I’m wondering if Loreal is making something similar. None of their new products come close for my hair.

  26. I’m looking for a discontinued product I’ve used for 20 years. Care Free Natural Curl Relaxer made by white Rain

  27. I could scream…I am almost out of Kiwi Shine Wax! I have tried a dozen other products and nothing else works. Help!!! Is there anything that anyone knows of that comes even close to this wonderful product’s abilities??

  28. I am also looking for a Jheri Redding product called design spritz, super hold.
    Also, Jheri Redding Working & Finishing Spray Volumizer, Extra Shine. It is a wonderful product that holds great and doesn’t leave a build up. I cannot find it anywhere.

  29. Could you suggest a comparable product to Bain de terre white clover conditioner? It It has worked wonders for my dry frizzy hair.

  30. I too have been looking for Mermade by L’Oreal, and see others have already asked. Description on the jar includes ” It contains marine life protein for the serious treatment of protein deficient hair. Its low pH of 3.0 mormalizes the alkalinity of the hair allowing for instant detangling while providing the benefits of normal protein balance.” My old jar shows it to be made by COSMAIR, Inc in NY. I did find a deep conditioner called ‘Tokara Sea Mineral Deep Conditioner’ by Noevir which contains marine protein plus other stuff. It is 3 times more expensive than Mermade, but it may be worth it. Has anyone tried this?

  31. I have been searching online for months for Joico’s discontinued “Transformation Con_Text Molding Putty” (moderate hold). Joico’s replacement products, Design Collection Pliable Paste (firm hold) and Design Collection Molding Putty (light hold), simply don’t cut it. I have also wasted money on several other manufacturer’s products that also don’t do the job.

    Can you suggest any other distributor that I might try for discontinued Joico products?

    Thank you.

  32. I absolutely loved Loreal mermade. It worked so many wonders on my hair. I have naturally curly thick hair and it was the only thing that worked and it made it grow soo much!! If anyone knows where i can find it please let me know!!!!

  33. We do not have L’Oreal’s Mermade, but we have also heard great things about it. That particular product has been discontinued and is incredibly hard to find.

    If there is anything else we could help you with, don’t hesitate to let us know, Liz!

    Thank you for your comment!


  35. J. Garwacki-

    What did you like about the product, perhaps I can help?


  36. I am looking for Wella color charm demi-permanment color meduim copper I can not find it anywhere I have also looked on line. can any one help me find this color!!!

  37. Where can I find Loreal Mermade Deep Penetrating Hair Treatment. I’ve been using this product for years — now it is hard to find. Help!!!!!

  38. I am looking for the graham webb styling putty but it has been discontinued. I was wondering if there was any subsitute products that would give me the same results???

  39. Jheri Redding Design Spritz – I too, used this for 30 years – once the hair is sprayed you can comb or set the way you want and it stays without stickiness etc. I have tried lots of products – one was Aussie product that was recommended – but nothing comparable so far.

  40. I was so happy with Matrix Air Trix that was discontinued. What on earth would be comparable to the Air Trix? Nothing I have tried comes near to the results I got. Help!

  41. I am opening a 3000sq hair salon and spa. I’d like to know what’s the 3
    most popular good hair products on the market right now? Thanks!

  42. I am looking for a product called tex. They had a few different things, but the one i want is the hair serum. This serum worked so good at making my hair smooth and shiny, and after a while of using it i realized my hair was becoming healthier and stronger. I remember it being a 4 oz. bottle. All i needed was a dime size in my hair and my hair was to the middle of my back. One bottle lasted me a year. I have been looking for it ever since and no one seems to know how to get it. PLEASE help me. My hair is out of control and all these other products are crap compared to that one.

  43. I am also tyring to find Jheri Redding design spritz; have been looking for a couple of years EVERYWHERE! wiht no luck. It is the only product that I have used that holds my thick, wavy, frizzy hair without being sticky or gummy the next day. I just comb/brush through with a little water and my hair is good as new, don’t have to touch it all day.

  44. I am looking for the OLD Pro Line Hair Food formation. It was the absolute BEST hair care product I have ever found for African-American hair. It was made of a super-light oil that penetrated overnight and left your hair like greaseless budda the next morning! That and a little water for the curling iron?? NO DAMAGE WHATSOEVERThe company makes They make a new version under the same name and it is useless! Anyone?

  45. I am looking for the OLD Pro Line Hair Food formulation. It was the absolute BEST hair care product I have ever found for African-American hair. It was made of a super-light oil that penetrated overnight and left your hair like greaseless budda the next morning! That, mixed with a little water on your fingertips for the curling iron?? NO DAMAGE WHATSOEVER, and my kinky hair looked and felt like silk. Believe it or not, I was using heat on my hair at least 5 days a week, and my hair was growing strong and healthy regardless. BUT NOOO!!! A few years ago, the company started making a new version under the same name and it is useless! Anyone have any ideas on how to get the old stuff? I have already written the company and asked then to please wake the heck up. I got coupons for more garbage from them in response. ARGH!!

  46. I am looking for Design Line Sculpting Gel by Regis. In the last repackaging fit I think it disappeared. Any idea if it’s actually discontinued? The sales people in the store were no help at all. The one gel they have now is not the same.

  47. The originial Clairol Herbal Essences: Where are you? I miss the green scent, the Hippie chick on the bottle, and everything about it.

    Also the original (I told a friend, and they told a friend) Fabrege oat and honey shampoo….:)

  48. I am also looking for Jheri Redding Design Spritz ~ I can’t find anything comparable. I’ve seen it on Ebay but they’re trying to get $40+ for each bottle because it’s discontinued! I would love to buy a case of it if I could find it ~ any ideas?

  49. Like several others, I am still looking for MERMADE HAIR CONDITIONER by Loreal. Is there anything else like it? It’s a deep conditioner but still light. Everything else Loreal makes now makes my hair too oily.

  50. I would love to know what is comparable to Matrix Sculpting Glaze. It was the best for naturally curly hair.

  51. can not find White Rain super hold spritz in stores in southside Virginia. I would like to know where that product could be found. Thank you, Edward Bowman

  52. I am looking For a hair Product made By Marc Anthony. Its called Marc Anthony Instantly Thick Thickening Hair-Fibre Putty. can anyone please help me find this product. thanks

  53. I am someone that really knows about hairspray, and you wouldn’t believe how many bottles of hairspray I’ve used trying to get one close to Jherri Redding. Jheri Redding has the ingredients that really made the best hair spritz. I pray that someone will make something with those ingredients again. The best I have ever used!!!!I honestly have a cabinet full of all types of hairsprays.

  54. I am looking for Mermade shampoo and conditioner too. I have about 1/4 cup left of the deep conditioner that I have been holding on to for dear life because I know once it’s gone it’s gone. SHAME ON YOU L’OREAL for discontining one of your finer products.

  55. Why in the heavens will L’Oreal discontinued a product so dam good. I been holding on to about a 1/4 of a jar since forever. I thought Sally.s was the only one who did not have it. Will you please bring back this product. I ‘m sick about. does anyone else no where it may be found overseas or wherever. This is a remarkabe product.

  56. I’m looking for a substitute product for the discontinued Kiwi Shine Wax. I see from your reply in 2007 that a replacement product had not been released as of that time. Any updates to that reply? I’m really disappointed about the Shine Wax being discontinued. I’ve tried the Kiwi manipulating wax in the spray can but don’t feel I get the control I had with the shine wax. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

  57. I have been using the purehair grapeseed shine for years. My haair is very short and fine, and this product is the best ever!! Now I see it is discontinued, and the last jars selling for $100 a jar! As it only cost $32 in Australia, the $100 US is outrageous!
    Could you tell me what is the closest product to this? I have tried about 6 other waxes,and none of them are as great as the Purehair.

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  59. Hi,

    SJD please call toll free if you are in the US 1-866-458-4441 during business hours and our trained consultants can help you find a product that is similar. More than likely you will find a product you like better than the Jheri Redding Design Spritz!

  60. I am looking for the Donna Marie Coco Hemp Buttercream..they replaced it with the Buttermilk, but I dont want the MILK, I want the CREAM….Hair Milk saturates a little more than a Cream. The Cream gave good moisture w/o feeling weighed down or too saturated..I hope you can help!

  61. I am looking for Janet Collection hair piece in a #4 if posibble I need a bout 6 or 7 of them the # are KBPTADFS or KBPT094_1B they are call accordian flip strings I can’t find them anywhere any website would really be great thank you Marilyn J King
    5868 5th St S St. Petersburg Fl 33705 ( 4:00 pm 11/21/09

  62. Do you know of a facial lotion by L’Oreal that used to have caffeine in it? They no longer make it, maybe not for a few years now? I can’t remember the name but I have never found better and I am going to try to track it down again. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky and find a stash somewhere. Really,this stuff was amazing. Any help would be appreciated, thanks so much!

  63. Matrix Sculpting Glaze!! Any similar product? Help! Also, a substitute for Aussie’s Sprunch Spray; they, unfortunately, changed the ingredients.

  64. I’m a bit older, so I’m thinking what I’m looking for has been discontinued. I used to use Lady Clairol. Two different shades at two different times of the year. I used Sparkling Sherry from late spring to late September, and Sable Brown from October until about May. Obviously things must have changed. I was just wondering if they are still available somewhere. If not, I’d like to try Perfect 10, because of the promised shine quality. However, I also have a question about this product: I have Latno, yet a little sallow complexion, and although I’m considering Dark Brown; should I opt for the neutral Ash, or the warm Golden Brown? I was thinking the Ash might be drab, while the warm shade might perk me up…but would that be too yellowy (with the sallow, but mostly tanned complexion) ? Any suggestions? I was even contemplating the Dark Brown with very, very thin streaks/highlighting around my face.

    I just turned 60 in February, but I don’t have wrinkles nor crow’s feet. I want something youthful, but I realize I’m not 20 any more. HELP!

  65. The best thing you could do is see your stylist or if you do not have one, try a new one out in your town. Without seeing you, it is hard to recommend anything.

  66. Loreal’s Mermaid…. OMG… When I was much younger, I worked on Carnival Cruise Lines right out of hair dressing school. Can you believe it? Those hair dressers on those ships really know how to tame chlorine hair and frazzled hair at sea and they used Loreal’s Mermaid. They will go ape crazy not having that on hand. That stuff was amazing. Even living in Florida, it was great on the back-bar, but I didn’t sell it. It was a ‘salon secret’ for the professional touch and persuaded clients to buy professional products. Amazing product. Damn shame to hear it’s not available. Another amazing “liquid gold” product is “Infusium” (buy it at Sally’s). It’s not sexy, but it’s amazing. I like to put it in my own spray bottle. Do not dilute; apply about a 1/2 tsp to short hair and leave in the hair… add more for longer hair. Comes in the amber bottle. I’m not crazy about all of the other products in the line. Has B Vitamins. Use as a perm pre-wrap, too. Use any time, any where before using styling products to even out porosity on damaged hair, sun bleached, bleached, colored hair. Keeps ends from absorbing too much styling product and becoming brittle, too oily, lifeless, or heaving. Another amazing product. Hope this helps. It’s in a category of it’s own and works on all types of hair. You will NOT be disappointed. The only way you can tell it’s there, it to not have it in the hair. It’s like an invisible, protective filler without any ill side affects. Again, I say freaking AMAZING PRODUCT. Cannot compare it to anything else out there.

    You MUST reapply each shampoo. You still condition in the shower with a regular conditioner. Even though this does help remove some tangles, and smooths the cuticle which helps give a shinier appearance, I still use a conditioner. OK, that’s enough. I don’t work for the company. Only costs maybe $6 bucks or so for about 16 oz. 😀

  67. I have been using KMS solar powered highlighter for about 10 years thanks to the folks at Stuff4beauty. It is a fabulous product for lightening and highlighting hair without the orange effect. I have been buying it by the six pack and have just returned to the site to see that it is “temporarily” out of stock. Is it possible that the all of this product is gone forever? Please let me know.
    Thank you.

  68. looking for a product i ,ast used about 16 years ago. i believe it as a jheri redding product and it was called ‘ prescription rx ” it was in a 6 to 8 oz brown bottle. it was a pre shampoo treatment..

  69. looking for a product i used about 16 years ago. i believe it was a jheri redding product and it was called ‘ prescription rx ” it was in a 6 to 8 oz brown bottle. it was a pre shampoo treatment..

  70. Need the Jheri Redding Design Spritz. This product is the only that works for my hair. I have been using it for 20 years. I am really sad that it is gone. Help my hair, what compares, I have tried others but not as good as Jheri Redding Design Spritz. Thanks

  71. Looking for something comparable to Pureology’s Nano Wax. Can’t believe this product has been discontinued.

  72. Was crushed to find that Clairol discontinued their Shimmery Nights Spray gel – absolutely the BEST for my wimpy, fine, bleached hair!.. NOTHING comes close.. anyone know where they have a few bottles lying around?..and, agree that we miss the original Herbal Essences green shampoo.. and, the original Pantene in the turquoise bottle with the gold cap: absolutely the best also, for fine, lifeless hair, and thelovliest scent!! anyone recall these/ know of a source?.. Thanks!

  73. Help,
    I am looking for l’oreal ineral hair fixer and can’t find it… is there anything that works as a somewhat reasonable substitute??

  74. I’m looking for Aquelle Marine Therapy Hair product, why is it discontinued? I’ve been using that product for years and many of my friends use it too. What would be comparable to it, I loved the shine and softness it left my thick course hair. Please help!!!

  75. thank you for this great site. I guess I will now have to get Biolage Matrix STRENTHENING shampoo instead of the Fortifying shampoo I just bought that I LOVE.

    Can you please tell me if……the new shampoo is as good as this one I just discovered
    (the Fortifying one.)? Do you know if they kept the same great formula?

    Thank you so much for letting me know.

  76. I am looking for Clinique Extra Volumising Hair Spray. I cannot use non-allergenic products and my hair has thinned owing to medication.l There seems to be a gap in the market for hypo-allergenic hair styling products. Please can anyone help?

  77. Looking for the Jheri Redding Design Spritz – used for over 30 years and now just used the last bottle I found on Ebay. I can’t afford $75 for 2 bottles! Have tried over 30 different brands/types but have found nothing even CLOSE. Any suggestions? Anything with exact ingredients?

  78. I am looking for a product called Volumizer shine it has a â„¢ by the word volumizer ..its a plumping the bottom of the bottle it says Volumizer â„¢ Professional Product Division Rantoul IL 61866 .its a hot pink bottle with a silver plastic spray pump with Silver and black writing ..anyone know where to get this? and if there is anything comparable if not..thnx

  79. I am looking for Aquelle Products. I used to buy at Sally’s but they no longer have. Have they discontinued it and if so got any ideas what can replace it.

  80. Yup…I’m a Jherri Redding Design Spritz seeker too. It was the ONLY one that was truly unscented. Very allergic to perfumes. Using the Suave right now, but it makes my head itchyafter a couple days. You would think that if a product is on ebay for $40 they might consider it is a worthwhile prodcut to bring back!

  81. I am looking for Aquelle Marine Theraphy Products especially the Hair Molding cream.
    Sally’s Beauty Supply said that they no longer carry this product!

  82. I LOVE Jheri Redding Professional Prescription Curative Body Building Conditioner. I used to find it at Sally’s Beauty Supply. For years now, I can’t find it anywhere. It was FANTASTIC and I really miss it. What happened?

  83. TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Mohawk gel…why?? I have a cabinet full of greasy pastes and sticky waxes that do nothing to keep my hair in place. Sure enough the one that has consistently worked is now discontinued. I know there’s still a lot circulating, but is there something comparable ingredient/consistency-wise? The girl at Tony and Guy tried to pawn off their new stuff as similar, but I know better!

  84. Mermade Hair Conditioner – I have really long hair and I used it on my hair about 3 times a month. It was in a big jar and I left it on for about 20-25 minutes and rinsed it out. It was awesome!! No other conditioner has even come close for me. It was in the 80’s, 90’s I used it. They need to bring it back or please tell me something you might recommend 🙂 Thanks

  85. I am also looking for Jheri Redding Design Spritz, Super Hold which has been discontinued. I’ve used this product for over 25 years and so far have found nothing with such versatility and hold for my natural curly hair. I have tried everything and nothing compares to Jheri Redding Design spritz.

  86. I would to buy a case of Jheri Redding Design Spritz. This is the most awsome hairspray ever made!!! There is nothing out there like this! I have tried everything and just wasted money!!! Please bring Jheri Redding Design Spritz back!!!!

  87. Wella Kolesterol Hair Treatment … white tube or in a jar. THE BEST – and can not find it at my usual places. I hear it is discontinued and I am SICK over that. Anyone with any info on where it could still be found or if there is a similar product that I just don’t know about. I’ve tried everything for over a year and STILL need my Wella Kolesterol! HELP, please.

  88. Regis Medium Hold spray gel! I bought the last 13 bottles they had in the warehouse 2 years ago and I am desperate. I have uncontrolable curls. I like it separated and defined…wet lookin and crunchy is fine. Please HELP!!!

  89. Clairol Nice n’ Easy Weekly Conditioning Gloss – the best conditioner I have ever used. Is there anything similar? Why would such a great product be discontinued??

  90. Judy L Says:
    March 16th, 2011 at 5:34 am

    I am looking for Aquelle Products. I used to buy at Sally’s but they no longer have. Have they discontinued it and if so got any ideas what can replace it

  91. I’m looking for Rave Mousse! No matter what I buy it isn’t the same. I love the clairol weekly conditioner too so when they had boxes of nice’n easy hair color in the doolar store I bought 10, threw away the color and kept the conditioner.

  92. What product(s) would you recommend as a replacement for Pureology Spray Gel? I have fine, very straight hair and this worked great with a perm. It didn’t weigh down my hair and was easy to use.

  93. I product I loved that was discontinued a long time ago was Sebastian Blue Mint shampoo for oily hair. It was one of the few oily hair shampoos that did not dry your hair out give it body. Any recommendations for a similar product?

  94. Wella Kolesterol Hair Treatment in tube and/or jar has been discontinued. Please tell me if Wella replaced it with a similar product (higher priced, I’m sure) or what other products out there are similar? Thank you.

  95. hello, where can I buy loreal studio indestructable volume spray, bounce back styl extreme hold .cannot find it anywhare and it is brilliant.UK

  96. I just used a friends Aquelle Marine Theropy shampoo & conditioner & for the FIRST time in my 42 years of life… i did not have tangles. Now, I went to salleys supply but they said they discontinued it. I really love this product and want something similar if not the exact same. I don’t know what to look for or how it worked so well. I didn’t know it was even possible for me having thin & fine to not have tangled hair after a shower.

  97. Is there a replacement for Alterna Hemp modeling clay? (The green jar)? I’ve been looking everywhere and cannot find anything similar to the product.


  98. Hey I’m looking for Baby Love hair lotion. My mom used to use it on me as a child but I can’t find it anywhere. Do you have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it!

  99. Has anyone seen L’Oreal hard to wave home perm kits in stores anywhere? I have been giving my mom perms for the last 10 years and we cannot find it anywhere. Please do not recommend that box of a sorry excuse for a perm put out by Oglvie or however you spell it. It just doesn’t work the same, I wish I had a license so I could buy a pro kit from Sally’s but I don’t. Please Help!!!

  100. Is there a good replacement for Alterna Hemp Organics thickening Compound. It was so perfect, adds volumn and hold to fine hair, weightless, not sticky great smelling and organic. I have tried their “Caviar” root lift, which is even more expensive, and is sticky and stiff and icky….. yuck!

  101. I am looking For a hair Product made By Marc Anthony. Its called Marc Anthony Instantly Thick Thickening Hair-Fibre Putty. Anyone have any idea where I can.obtain?

  102. I am looking for DEP Sport Endurance Pomade. It’s a men’s product that comes in a blue jar – am running out of my last couple of jars I got on Ebay. Any recommendations for my fine, thin, frizzy hair? This is the only product I’ve used that fights frizz and keeps my hair looking nice in any weather!

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